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Category: Main/Nukak3D

· Nukak3D/Version 5.0.0-alpha (1) If you work in a PACS environment, is the easiest way to import images inside Nukak3D DICOM. Nukak3D is a "DICOM Listener" Means you can be listening to an ethernet port and receive passively (without user interaction) DICOM images. The images are sent from a workstation to a PACS computer with a PC running Nukak3D. Nukak3D and the workstations need to be pre-configured PACS: AET Assign a title and a port number to Nukak3D preferences in DICOM->DICOM Listener. Then ask your friendly administrator to configure the PACS . The "DICOM Listener" works only if Nukak3D is active!

Using Nukak3D as a Query-Retrieve PACS Workstation:
Nukak3D can query other DICOM devices such as workstations, CTs, MRIs, etc. Queries can be performed even if the other device is not configured to send to Nukak3D. To query, first go to the DICOM->DICOM search and under Server Location add the AE Title, port, and hostname ( IP address) of the remote location. Go to the search panel. Select the location and verify the connection if you want to. If you want to retrieve studies, the remote devices needs to be set up to send to Nukak3D. The AE Title, port, and hostname (IP address) of Nukak3D need to entered into the remote device of PACS.

    · Version 4.5.0 (2) Nukak3D version 4.5.0

· Version 4.6.0 (7) Nukak3D Version 4.6.0


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