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Welcome to Nukak3D!



Nukak3d is a flexible architecture that integrates general-purpose graphics libraries such as VTK, ITK, VTKInria3D, OpenGL, under a graphical user interface (wxWidgets) for three-dimensional visualization and processing of medical images.

This product has been developed by Bioingenium Research Group, within the frame of the computer graphics project at the National University of Colombia .

Nukak3d built 
 wth Xcode in Mac OS x phanter.
Nukak3D in Mac OS X v10.3 (Phanter)


User Interface


The graphical user interface of Nukak3D allows a high degree of customization as well as an excellent presentation. This new interface enables operations during program execution.

  • Open windows move and hide.
  • Toolbar specialist with hierarchical structure tree.
  • Floating windows, separation and stranded window.
  • Special appearance effects.
  • Nukak3D, 
 with wxWidgets, using wxAui(Advance User Interface)
 with wxWidgets, using wxAui(Advance User Interface)
 with wxWidgets, using wxAui(Advance User Interface), floating window.
 with wxWidgets, using wxAui(Advance User Interface), maximize window.
    Rendering Volume


    • Orthogonal planes.
    • Texture Mapping.
    • Ray Casting.
    • Lookup Tables.




    Ortogonal Planes, 
 Lookup Table Gray.
    Ortogonal Planes, 
 Lookup Table GeColor.
    Rendering with Mapping Texture, Lookup Table HotMetal.

    Rendering with 
 Ray Cast, Lookup Table HotMetal.

    DICOM Listener 


    • Receive studies from remote Workstations.
    • Without user interaction




    Ortogonal Planes, 
 Lookup Table Gray.


    Image Processing
    • Level Set segmentation.
    • Filters: Gaussian, Median
    • Surface reconstruction with marching Cubes.
    ITK, Gradient 
    Surface reconstruction 
 with Marching Cubes after use Level Set.

    Mesh Processing
    • Triangulation.
    • Decimate.
    • Smooth.
    • Normals.
    Normal Mesh.

    Rendering Meshes
    • OpenGL.
    • Stereoscopic Vision.


    Rendering with OpenGL.
    Rendering with OpenGL and stereoscopic vision.
    DICOM Search: Query-Retrieve PACS Workstation 
    • Query studies from remote workstatios.
    • Retrieve studies, from search results.


    Rendering with OpenGL.

    Project location

    Nukak3D is an open source under license``GNU General Public License'', Available along with the draft. This project is subscribed to the server and manager SourceForge development of free software, on page

    Subversion Access svn
    svn co nukak3d



  • Developed by:
  • Byron Perez M.Sc.
  • Ing. Alexander Pinzón Fernández.
  • Eduardo Romero Castro Ph.D.
  • Version in March 2009
  • 5.0.0-alpha
  • Plataform:
  • All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
  • Apple Mac OS X (PowerPC, Intel i386)
  • GNU/Linux
  • License
  • GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • Genre
  • 3D Rendering
  • Viewers
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Medical Science Apps
  • Visualization
  • Language English Spanish

    Bioingenium Research Group .
    National University of Colombia .

    Contact: Admin project


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